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Maull 26.12.2020
I'm starting to think Alyssa Milano is onto something. I bet if women refused to have sex until we had autonomy over our bodies, I bet men would stay out of our uteruses. The hardcore conservatives say we shouldn't have sex if we don't want kids, right? Well, let's see how long men would say that if women stopped f#cking them. Also, we should *seriously* try to get legislation passed for men to provide financial support after pregnancy is confirmed. Ladies, let's do the damn thing! <3
Kigajora 26.12.2020
Text me sexy. 270 390 1142
Tygozragore 28.12.2020
I want your asshole
Faet 29.12.2020
You’re fucken cute
Kisho 02.01.2021
Technically, it WAS #4, but yeah...